New Target System Is Light enough To Be Carried By A Pinky Finger, YET Strong Enough To Withstand Thousands Of Rounds…

March 4, 2015 by Dillon Hausner

Have you ever gone shooting with your buddies thinking that it would be an all day event? You went out and bought a bunch of targets for the day, or you decided to take the little ones out for some bonding time? However you realized that your whole day of shooting was shortened to about 2 hours, not because you ran out of ammo, but because you ran out of targets.

I recently had the opportunity to take the kiddos out to the range along with my new present for my birthday. It was the Target-Factory Target, and let me start of by just saying WOW! When I first opened the present I kind of chuckled a little, not really thinking too much of it. I thought it would be something new to shoot at and that was about it. My wife said a friend from her work mentioned it to her when she was scouring for ideas. She told me it was relatively cheap in price so she thought she’d give it a go.

I did a little research on the target the next night just to see how it worked and how it lasted. I found out some pretty neat things. This Target-Factory Target is made out of low-density polyethylene, both the frame and the bottles. Which means you can shoot each bottle hundreds of times before you even think about replacing it. The frame holds 12 bottles so that means you get thousands of rounds out of this bad boy before you would even think about needing new bottles. Since you should only be shooting the bottles instead of the frame then you should never have to worry about replacing the frame. In the off chance you miss a bottle and hit the frame there is no need to worry, because the frame is made out of the same material as the bottles so it can withstand some stray rounds. Not that that would ever happen though…

After finding all this out I garthed up the family, guns, and my new toy, hopped in the truck and headed to the range. I was anxious to see if the bottles would be able to handle what we were going to throw down range at them. The guns I brought were a Glock 17 (9mm), Sig mosquito (.22), FNX Tactical (.45), and my CMMG AR-15 (.223). After the first shot I went down range to check out what the bottle looked like. Just like I said earlier, WOW. There was barely a hole in the bottle, and it didn’t seem to even phase it. The bullets don’t just go straight through it like a can. The bottle actually moves back, so there isn’t any doubt if you hit it or not, even on a windy day.

 Let’s talk about the frame now. It is 3’ x 3’ and like I said before, it’s made out of low-density polyethylene. It’s so light that I am able to hold it up by my finger, so no need to worry about the weight of it when you take it down range. It’s also strong enough for me to sit on, so you can know that it’s made out of sturdy material and it won’t break. The frame folds up flat so it’s easily stored away and doesn’t take up room in the house or the truck, unlike a steel target..

 Overall I truly enjoy this gift and use it every time I go to the range. I can’t complain about not being able to see the bottles because they come in 6 different colors and all of them are extremely bright and easy to see, unlike regular paper targets. I’m not much of a writer, but for something like this I felt like the whole world should know.

The ONLY complaint I have about the Target-Factory Target, is that I only have 1, but our anniversary is coming up soon and I think my wife can fix that problem for me : )

Safe Shooting To All





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