Environmentally Safe

ldpe-greenOur ballistic grade LDPE material is 100% recyclable and does not degrade into the environment. Once our products have outlived their usefulness toss them in the recycle for use as new products. Our targets produce no “Trigger Trash” and are US Forest Service approved meeting their target requirements.


feather-pinkOur products are light weight but tough. Target Frame Set- 12 lbs, Bottle- 5 oz, Bowling Pin- 12 oz, Utility Jugs- 4 or 5-lbs Targets store, transport and set up with ease. No more heavy plate racks, steel splinters, vehicle damage or personal injury.


durable-blueOur ballistic grade material and our product designs are made to outlast all our competition. Our targets take hundreds of hits from any ammunition (22-50 caliber). Our products are made for the outdoors with no phyisical UV or other degradation and stand up to abuse and corrisive materials.  Just look at the hits on the Frame Set above.


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