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Target-Factory Bottles in Three and Six Packs – Bulk Orders on Request

Own your own property? Have a Hunting Lease? Have access to public Property? Use a range that allows your own targets? Have your own range setup? Are you a range owner? Need a replacement set for your Taget-Frame Set after years of shooting? 

Our Target Factory Bottles are made for you. The bottles come with two feet of 16 strand diamond braided cord for you to hang on your own stand, tree limb, bush or whatever your shooting setup. Also a great ground target. Hanging allows you to set it up and it resets itself every time. It can be left set up as it doesn’t degrade except for so color fade. High visibility, great durability, portability, easy set up, light weight, use any caliber (22-50), rounds pass through (no ricochet, deflection or bullet fragmentation), no “Trigger Trash”, 100% recyclable.

  • Ballistic grade low density polyethylene (LPDE) material and hollow design allow bullets to punch through bottles with little damage
  • Durable as each bottle will take literally hundreds of hits from any caliber (22-50)
  • High-Visibility in 6 different colors
  • Cord passes through small top hole out larger bottle hole – knot cord, pull back inside against inside of top hole then hang
  • Cord is tough  3/16” diamond braid 16 strand nylon which frays and eventually parts and is easily replaced with any similar nylon, paracordcord, etc.

Ranges and Retailers

  • Rental – Great rental products with excellent profit potential as both rentals and increased ammo sales. One renatl pays for the product.The Bottles are very reactive, fun, exciting, safe (no ricochet, fragmentation, defraction), clean with minimal trash as rounds pass through (less trash than paper or cardboard), easy to hang from target carrirer, no range interuption. Available in economical bulk they pay for themselves after the first rental.
  • Retail – Sell individually or in 3 or 6 packs. Easy to hang on racks or on the shelf. Shoot up a demo bottle and they’ll sell themselves. High margin product with minimal shelf space.
  • Complete Dealer or Contact Information for follow-up and pricing information


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Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 2.5 in

Pack of 3, Pack of 6

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