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Like Shooting Bowling Pins??

Target-Factory Bowling Pins Are Full Size

Hanging Target – Bowling Pins – These babies are tough weighing in at 3/4 lb and they last a long time. To make them move you need a heavy duty caliber like a 45 or 9mm. Those high speed rounds and 22 just don’t have the ump to get that reaction you want. These are very popular for indoor ranges giving the range customer something a lot more fun to shot than paper and cardboard. Plus these leave virtually no trash and don’t cause ricocht, defraction or bullet fragmentation. They come with 3 feet of our 16 strand diamond braid cord that takes a ton of hits before it need repalcement.

Ground Target – Like the original Bowling Pin except it’s safer with no ricochet, fragmentation or deflection. It’s very popular with indoor ranges who want to do a traditional Bowling Pin Table Top Shoot without the concern of fragmentation and ricochet. We have some regular customers ordering 36 every other month for this popular activity at their range.

Ranges Rentals and Sales  – Add some Fun, Ezxcitement and Profit to Your Range

Bowling Pins are a very popular and profitable rental and retail product for Indoor and Outdoor Ranges. The pins are easy to hang from the target carrier, provide a reactive target that is not overly reactive, keeping it in the shooting lane when hit, and it creates minimal trash, even less than paper or cardboard. We have ranges buying for hanging but also for tabletop matches, since they are much safer than real bowling pins. We have many customers ordering in bulk to maximize their profitability

These pins are great for shooting as a hanging target or as a ground target. Bowling Pins are full size just like at the Bowling Alley. These pins weigh in at 3/4 lb so they are substantial requiring a big knock down round like 9 mm, 45, 38 or similar slugs. It takes a little more “ump” to take these babies down or to get them to swing wildly. They’re a great ground target to replace those oh so dangerous real bowling pins or you can hang them from your own setup.

High visibility, great durability, no fragmentation, ricochet or defraction and no trigger trash left behind. Totally recyclable just toss them in the blue bin and order some more.

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