Flipper-R-Spin Target® (3 in 1 Target)


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 Three Targets In One – Vertical/Horizontal Spinner/Ground Flipping Target

Fun & Exciting – Great Reaction, A Hit Flips-R-Spins It – Any Age or Any Shooter Level

  • Rewards Accuracy –  Hit One of Three 2 ½” Target-Balls for a Challenging Shooting Experience
  • Hitting the Target-Ball “Sweet Spot” Creates the Most Reaction
  • A Target-Ball Always Resets in an Optimal Upright or Outer-Most Shooting Position
  • High Target Visibility Bright Orange Color
  • Extreme Durability Ballistic Material and Design = Hundreds of Hits with any Caliber Ammo (22-50)
  • Spinner Reacts to Even High Speed Rounds and Set Horizontally Even to Pellet Gun Hits
  • Long Range Visible Reaction to Target-Ball Hits When Hanging
  • Convenient Light Weight/Easy Set Up – Take it out/Toss or Hang It/Shoot It/Pick It Up/Take It Home
  • Safe –  No Metal Splatter, No Sharp Target Edges, No Heavy Weight
  • No Distance Restriction – 22-50 Cal Pass Thru w/No Target Caused Fragmentation, Ricochet, Deflection
  • Caution – Standard Pellets May Not Penetrate and May Deflect
  • Always Be Aware of Down Range Safety of People, Property and Animals
  • Always Use Standard Safety Shooting Precautions Including Eye and Hearing Protection
  • Environmentally Freindly – 100% Recyclable LDPE Material
  • No Trigger Trash, Nothing Left Behind
  • Approved by US Forest Service to Meet Restricted Target Materials Criteria

    Flip-R-Spin (3 in 1) Target






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