Retailers and Range Owners: Target-Factory products are sold to retailers and ranges throughout the US. Our target products, made with ballistic grade materials, are designed to provide extreme durablity, great reactivity and high visibility to the target shooting experience. Consumers find the product a great value for the durability, utility and fun it brings to shooting.

Retail – Our Bottle Targets sold individually, in Three Packs and Six Packs have been the mainstay of our retail sales. The bottles provide nice profitability and require minimal shelf space and are available in bulk quantities. Our newest product the Flip-R-Spin introduced January 2020 is receiving great consumer reponse for its tumbling and spinning reaction. It’s the only target product that provides three distinct target shooting options – Ground Tumbler, Vertical Spinner or Horizontal Spinner. It’s reasonably priced for good profitability and has the same durability and reaction as our other targets.

RangesYou are missing out on a nice addition to your customers shooting experience if you’re not renting or selling our Target Bottles and Flip-R-Spin Targets to shoot in your indoor or outdoor range. A great alternative to paper and cardboard these product provide a reactive response that’s fun and exciting. Accuracy is rewarded with great reaction. The products encourage ammunition purchase as as shooters try to maximize the targets reaction. The products are easily hung from your carrier, produce minimal trash, do not create any ricochet, defraction or fragmentation. Profitability – These products literally pay for themselves with their second rental and are rentable literally dozens of times, plus they 100% recyclable. We have loyal range customers who have been shooting our products for years, who attest to the popularity of reactive target shooting.

These products are available in bulk quantity without retail packaging to maximize your profitability. If you have an interest or any questions please contact us directly at or call direct at 602-828-3601. We’ll be glad to answer your questions.

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