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Target Factory’s A-Frame Set  is Reactive, Durable and Fun and Exciting to shoot!

The target frame and six brightly colored bottle targets literally will take hundreds of any caliber ammo (22-50). The sets light weight at 12 lbs and it’s fold flat frame feature make transport, down range set-up and storage so easy. The targets are high vibility in six colors and the ballistic material and product design provide great reaction to hits. Lierally take it out, set it up, shoot it, fold it and take it home. No trigger trash, no metal splinters, no heavy weight, no product ricochet, deflection or fragmentation. No UV degradation and frame set provides years of target practice. Environmentally sensitive and approved by US Forest Service for its target restrictions. Shoot up the bottles, toss them in the recycle bin and reorder a new six pack. The center section can also be set up with six target bottles for even more action – just order an additional six pack.

Target-Frame Set Features:

  • 3′ x 3′ A-Frame Set lightweight at 12 lbs which folds flat for easy set-up, transport and storage
  • 6 bright colored Target-Bottles hang from the frame top section or add 6 more to the center section
  • Extremely durable LPDE ballistic material and design takes hundreds of hits from any caliber (22-50) ammo
  • Bottles hang by 16 strand tough diamond braid nylon cord that  frays over time will eventually part – Simply replaceable with any similar cord (nylon, cotton, paracord, etc.)
  • Rounds pass through targets and frame causing minimal damage while providing great target reaction
  • Safe by having no bullet fragmentation, deflection or ricochet
  • Environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable with no trigger trash left behind
  • Approved by US Forest Service as meeting shooting target requirements
  • Do not shoot in below freezing temperatures as the material will become brittle!

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Weight 11.8 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 2.8 in
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